Self-Storage Options When You Don't Have Any Transport Options

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Self-storage is the logical solution for dealing with overflow at home. Even after decluttering and getting rid of things that you're not going to need, you can still be left with an abundance of things that you can't part with. But storage units are only practical when you have the ability to transport your possessions to the facility. What's an option when you don't have a vehicle of your own or have access to one? Sure, there can be workarounds for a problem like this. There might be a family member or friend who can assist you, but this is by no means guaranteed for everyone. It's not like a storage facility will collect your items for you, will they? 

A Mobile Storage Solution

Some storage companies offer a mobile solution. Instead of being stored inside a traditional, garage-like unit, your items are placed inside a shipping container or storage pod. The great news is that this service features home delivery. All you need is to have a suitable place on your property for the mobile storage unit to be placed—and for most people, this is their driveway. 

Delivery and Filling

The storage company delivers the mobile unit. Different sizes are available, so it's a question of working out how much stuff actually needs to be stored. The unit has a lockable door and will be with you for a predetermined period of time—giving you ample opportunity to safely fill the unit with the possessions to be stored. Once it's filled, you lock it and wait for collection.

Collection and Storage

The filled mobile unit is collected and transported away to the storage company's facility. It's important to know precisely where this location is, as it may not be the same complex as any traditional storage facility the company operates. It will be a secure site and may be in a fenced yard, or even inside a warehouse. In any event, given your lack of transport options, it's helpful to select a company whose facility is reachable via public transport, if you should ever need to access the mobile unit. 

At the conclusion of your storage agreement, the mobile unit is once again transported to your home (or another address of your choosing) for unloading. It's worthwhile looking around for a storage company that offers a mobile service since it can be the best (and perhaps the only) realistic option when you don't have your own transport. 

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