Home Ownership Tasks You Can Make Easier With A Dumpster Rental

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A big part of being a responsible homeowner includes maintaining and cleaning your home. With so much waste created when taking care of your cleaning and remodeling projects, you need a place to put it all: a convenient rented dumpster that is delivered to and picked up from your home. Here are some recommended jobs you can complete and clean up after in and around your home with the use of a rented dumpster.

Moving Cleanup

When you consider all the new purchases you bring into your home from each shopping trip, it's no surprise that a large amount of clutter collects inside your home. And when you are packing for a move, you get a good look at the reality of the quantity of your possessions.

If you are packing for an upcoming move, you can take time to filter out and dispose of unneeded items and possessions. To help you do this, consider the last time you used the item: if it was longer than a year, you can safely donate it to charity or discard it. If you have a large amount of broken furniture, damaged items, and expired foods you aren't taking with you, for example, you can rent a dumpster to help with their disposal.

You can also use the dumpster to clean up any discarded items around the outside of your home, such as broken yard tools, old appliances, and trashed children's toys. Your time during a move can be busy and stressful, and a rented dumpster delivery and pickup makes your trash disposal easier.

Home Remodeling

You can also rent a dumpster to deal with all the waste that occurs during a home remodeling project. You might need to do some interior updating, such as replacing the carpets and padding or other worn flooring or replacing an entire bathroom interior. A bathroom remodel can include discarded items such as vinyl flooring or tile, countertops, light fixtures, and the old toilet. Some items you may be able to sell on a local social media yard sale page, but many discarded home interior items are best discarded in a dumpster.

It is helpful to know what items from a remodel you can discard in a dumpster and which items you cannot. For example, drywall, carpeting, old framing lumber, or insulation can be discarded into a dumpster. Old paint, paint thinner, batteries, lacquers, or other types of hazardous chemicals should not be placed into a dumpster. This includes old refrigerators, as they contain toxic refrigerant chemicals. If you are removing mold-damaged items from your home, you need to bag them into plastic bags at least 6 mil in thickness before you can discard them into the dumpster.

Yard Maintenance

Trees, lawn, and vegetation in your yard are always growing and creating a need to trim and pick up their green waste. This green waste takes the form of lawn trimmings, fallen leaves and branches, bush trimmings, and weed growth. And fall is a good time to tackle the overgrown and over-cluttered areas of your yard to remove this buildup and dispose of it into your dumpster rental all at once.

If you have many trees around your yard, the amount of leaves needing collection can be overwhelming to your curbside trashcan. But a dumpster rental can provide plenty of room for leaves and any broken twigs and fallen tree branches that have collected over the summer. You can also pull up and discard dead garden plants and vegetables once the frost has hit them. Then, trim bushes and landscaping areas of overgrowth to prepare them for their upcoming winter dormancy.

For more information, contact a company that offers dumpster container rental services.