Help Your Parents Pack And Prepare Their Possessions Prior To Them Moving Into A Senior Living Community

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If your parents have decided to move into a senior living community and won't be provided with as much living space as they are accustomed to, it can be heartbreaking for them to contemplate parting with the possessions that they have collected throughout their lives. Help them decide what to bring along with them and what to store in your home or a rental unit to relieve some of the pressure.

Tell Your Parents That No Sudden Decisions Need To Be Made

Your loved ones will be able to bring some of their possessions to their new home, so you should be clear with them about what they can expect on moving day and how you plan on helping. Let your parents know that you are willing to store items for them so that they aren't burdened with the need to get rid of things.

Coordinate a move through a local moving company so that your parents new living quarters will be set up on the day that they move into the retirement community. If you are going to have items dropped off at your home or a rental unit, make plans for the moving crew to assist with multiple drop offs so that all of the items can be placed in their new locations on the same date. 

Help Your Parents Decide What To Bring

Find out what items are included with your parents new residence so that you can help your loved ones make an informed decision about what can be moved into the new place. For instance, if furnishings are included, then make plans to store all of the large items that your parents own.

Clothing, photo albums, small decorations that will help your parents feel at home or remind them of something positive, medicine, linens, and toiletries are the main things to pack first. Label cartons with the new address and stack all of the cartons in one room of your parents current residence.

Pack the remaining possessions to the best of your ability or seek assistance with the packing process by requesting that the moving crew bring packing materials with them on the day of the move.

Have all of the other preparations in place, including a designated area in your home where you can store possessions or access to a storage unit that can be utilized for your loved ones things. Direct the moving crew on the day that everything will be transported so that items are separated into piles as they are loaded into the moving vehicle that is being used.