3 Ways Gardeners Can Benefit From Self-Storage

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With spring right around the corner, many homeowners are turning their attention to their landscapes. Gardening is a hobby that many people enjoy. It is also a hobby that can enhance the appearance of a home's landscape.

Avid gardeners invest a lot of time and effort into the planning of their flowerbeds and the preparation of the soil on their property. Access to a storage unit can help facilitate the gardening process and provide serious gardeners with a variety of benefits.

1. A Place to Store Equipment

Serious gardeners know that many pieces of equipment are required to get a piece of land ready for planting. One of the most beneficial pieces of equipment you can invest in is a power tiller. These tillers make it easy to turn up the soil in your garden without expending a lot of physical energy.

Unfortunately, a power tiller can take up a lot of room in a shed or garage. Since you only need your tiller at the beginning of the growing season, store the machine safely away in a self-storage unit the rest of the year. You can also put your hand tools in the storage unit for safekeeping.

2. A Place to Keep Supplies

If you have taken a walk through the garden center at any home improvement or box store, you know just how many products are available to assist homeowners in creating the perfect garden. Potting soil, fertilizer, weed screens, and other supplies can make it easier for you to get your home garden ready for spring.

A lot of these supplies go on sale in the fall and winter months, when temperatures are not conducive to outdoor gardening. With a self-storage unit, you can buy supplies in bulk when they are on sale and store them safely away until the following grow season.

3. A Place to Preserve Seeds

Gardeners who like to grow their flowers and other plants from seeds will need a place to store spare seeds properly. It's important that you store your seeds in a cool, dark place to ensure that they remain viable for when you are ready to begin planting.

Exposure to extreme temperatures or humidity can affect a seed's ability to germinate. A storage unit that is equipped with climate control features will allow you to safely store away your seeds in bulk without worrying about having them go bad before they can be used to add beauty to your home garden.

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