Downsizing And De-Cluttering Tips When Moving

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If you are moving, de-cluttering your possessions will help you in more ways than one. De-cluttering will reduce your luggage's weight and help you get rid of unnecessary things. Here are a few tips to help you de-clutter.

Focus On the Big Items

Due to their weight and size, big items cost more to transport than smaller items. The bigger items will also require more space in your new home than the smaller items. Therefore, focus on the bigger items during downsizing if you want to realize real savings. For example, getting rid of an old couch can save you more space than getting rid of an old frying pan.

Get Rid Of Things You Don't Use

The best way to determine what to get rid of and what to throw away is to identify the items you don't use and get rid of them. Maybe you don't use a piece of furniture because it is broken beyond repair, a jacket because it no longer fits you, or a television set because you have upgraded to a newer version. A good tip is to identify things you haven't used in the past year, and you are unlikely to use in the next year, and get rid of them.

Keep Sentimental Items

The only exception to getting rid of things you don't use is to keep sentimental items. Be honest with yourself and keep things you are sentimentally attached to for your emotional wellbeing. If your late grandfather's leather jacket is important to you, then keep it. As long as you are not a hoarder, your collection of sentimental items is unlikely to add too much cost to your move.

Involve Your Loved Ones

Involve your loved ones in the de-cluttering if possible. Allow other family members to help you identify things they wish to keep, within reason. For example, don't get rid of your eldest child's favorite childhood toy without the child's knowledge; maybe they are sentimentally attached to the toy and still wish to keep it around.

Practice Responsible Disposal

Once you have decided what to keep and what to get rid of, use the right methods to get rid of the items you don't want to keep. You can sell, donate, and recycle items. For the sake of the environment, do everything possible to take the least number of items to the landfill as possible.

You should do all the above in advance, say some weeks, before the moving day. Work with local movers for more tips and assistance.