Keeping Your Cross-Country Move Affordable

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Moving across the country generally costs quite a lot more than moving across town. However, even these long-distance moves can be more affordable than you would think if you're willing to follow a few simple guidelines. Here are some helpful ways to keep costs down when moving cross-country.

Hire a moving company that pools customers' things

When people hire movers, they generally assume those movers will load all of their things in a truck and drive that truck straight to their new home. And when you hire movers to move you a few miles away, this is exactly what happens. However, when you are moving across the country, there is a different approach some moving companies can take. They can pick up your things, along with a few other customers' things, and then drive those things across the country together in a massive semi-truck, dropping off various customers' things at different points along the way.

It's usually much more affordable to hire movers who take this approach since the cost of fuel and driving is split between multiple customers. And don't worry — each customers' things are typically packed in separate crates or pods, so there's little risk of some of your items being dropped at the wrong home.

Sell things you don't need before moving

Moving companies often charge by weight when transporting items long distances. So, to keep costs down, you want to avoid moving anything you don't need. Sell your extra clothing, furniture, and appliances before you move. You can put the money you earn towards buying new items once you're settled in your new home.

Do the packing yourself

The moving company will want to do the final loading of your items into the crate or pod they use to separate your items from other customers' items. However, they will typically allow you to pack your own boxes upon request. They may want you to pick up certain moving boxes from them so they can be sure the boxes are the right shape and size to fit in their pods and truck. Packing yourself will save the moving crew at least a few hours, which means it can save you at least a few hundred dollars.

Moving across the country does not have to cost a fortune. If you hire a company that pools customers' things and specializes in long-distance moves, and you also follow the other tips above, you should be in good shape.

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